Social responsibility


Proudly representing French industrial excellence, we fight for our local economy and fit into the European ecosystem, thus ensuring secure and sustainable supply chains.

As a family-owned business and a longstanding player in our region for over 90 years, we value the legacy entrusted to us and the natural environment in which we operate. We perpetuate a heritage of expertise and competitiveness while upholding our core values. Our strategy is driven by a long-term perspective of collaboration with our clients, teams, partners, and suppliers.

We see the company as a hub for creating shared value, where loyalty, ethics, responsibility, and sustainability are more than buzz words.




With four generations deeply rooted in Orgelet, our company has forged strong bonds with the economic, social, and cultural fabric of our region. Our commitment here is steadfast and enduring.

This enables us to recruit talented teams and provide them with opportunities to enhance their skills, shape their individual career paths, and contribute to our shared pursuit of excellence. We extend the same ethos to our suppliers, fostering relationships built on rigor and ethical principles.

Upholding the highest standards of health and safety, we ensure that our products enable our customers to maintain the utmost quality. Together, we form an integral part of a global value chain, dedicated to serving our clients and the end consumer.



Our commitment to environmental sustainability begins by implementing specific design rules aimed at achieving “juste emballage”. This concept seeks to optimize the environmental footprint of our containers while reducing the footprint of the products they contain.

Upstream, we offer the possibility of decoupling our raw materials from fossil resources. Downstream, we ensure the full recyclability of our products, which are mono-material based. This approach enables us to address the challenges of the circular economy, meeting the strong expectations of our clients and the public at large.

Furthermore, we continuously strive to enhance the efficiency of our implementation processes. This involves a comprehensive continuous improvement program supported by ISO 14001 and 50001 certifications. Each year, we aim to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities and reduce our water consumption. Additionally, we monitor waste generation and noise emissions to better manage our negative environmental impacts.

Finally, transportation plays a significant role in the life cycle of our products. Thus, our central location in Europe helps minimize our carbon footprint.

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