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- Packaging Pioneers since 1967 -

« Introducing packaging that cares »

We continuously innovate to develop customized solutions where ethics meet iconic designs.

We care for your Products, the People and our Planet :

For over 40 years, “Design for recycling” is our motto since all our packaging solutions are mono material (100% recyclable). Today, we engage in offering products that are fully sourced with either recycled or bio-based raw materials. Furthermore, we believe that tailored packaging is one of the answers to address both packaging performances and resource scarcity management. Our historical and local anchorage strengthens our commitment to undertake responsible actions towards all our stakeholders: from our employees to your end-consumers.

We are a 4th generation family-owned company strategically located at the heart of Europe. Driven by a customer centric mindset, our expertise relies on the development and the manufacturing of tailored solutions.
Hebert Group
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